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Pat Lemos (Spain, 1982) is a visual and multidisciplinary artist. She holds a BFA from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and a M1 in the École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Nantes, France. Her nomadic spirit and big interest on cultures and social exchanges encouraged her to fulfill residencies in the Sahara Desert, Iceland, France or India.

Exploring the depths of the subconscious and digging into self-awareness is how Pat Lemos fundamentally approaches to art. She believes that the most intimate is the most universal, therefore, her personal perception shape her genuine way of reaching creation. There are no limits for the expression regarding mediums –nor dimensions–, being painting, collage or photography generally used. Powerful, stunning colors, deep blacks and the presence of exuberant horizons and transparent bodies offer a mysterious painted imagery. Constantly merging abstraction and figurative indistinctly, she invites the spectator to a transforming journey into the shadows towards the light. Interested in art as an open, alive project, she always conveys a sense of pureness, presenting life being what it is.



P A T   L E M O S, 1982. Galicia, Spain.

BA Fine Arts, Fine Arts Faculty of San Carlos, UPV, Valencia, Spain / 2012
Fine Arts Master Course, École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Nantes, France / 2010

D U O   S H O W S
Lemos & Lehmann, White Collective Gallery, Vigo, Spain / 2018
Hommage à la nuit transparente, École d’Art de Bayonne, France / 2016
Santa Fiera, enBabia, Valencia, Spain / 2015
Hic Sunt Leones, Fine Arts Faculty of San Carlos, Valencia, Spain / 2009

S E L E C T E D   G R O U P   S H O W S
Art Nit Campos Art Festival, Mallorca, Spain / 2017
Quadro, Vigo, Spain / 2017
Konform, Krudebude, Leipzig, Germany / 2016
SSC, Festival Intramurs, Valencia, Spain / 2014
Ciutat Vella Oberta, Valencia, Spain / 2013
Arte Open Views, Valencia, Spain / 2013
Bestiario, enBabia, Valencia, Spain / 2012
Artifariti, Escuela-Campamento 27 de Febrero, Tindouf, Algeria / 2011
VIII Art al Vent, Gata de Gorgos, Spain / 2011
Salle Blanche, Félix Thomas, Nantes, France / 2010
Tiempografías, Espai Cultural Biblioteca Azorín, Valencia, Spain / 2009
Tirant lo Blanc A Ciutat Vella, Sala Municipal de Exposiciones, Valencia, Spain / 2009
Une boîte en valise, Espai d´Art, Gandía, Spain / 2008
Blanco, Galería Charpa, Valencia, Spain / 2008

Carpe Diem Residency, Rajasthan, India / 2017
Les Ateliers de la Communale, Bayonne / 2016
Raufarhöfn: close to the arctic circle, Iceland / 2012
Artifariti, Sahara Refugee Camps, Tindouf, Algeria / 2011

On-going project based on photography together with the German artist Lukas Lehmann
{ Lemos & Lehmann }.

O T H E R   I N T E R E S T I N G   D A T A

Educational research through art and creativity is an essential part of my work. Carrying workshops with children and adults in different countries permits me to get in contact with one of the most tangible parts of Art.
Check the activities on: Espacio Otro

I feed myself, learn and grow with the collective and cultural work since years. I was founding member of the workshop, cultural space and artist residency La Envidia Casa Taller in Valencia, Spain. You can follow all the movements that took place there on: La Envidia Casa Taller